GTA03 and E-Ink Interface

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:

| Hmm, I didn't expect that GTA03 would still require fb-encoded gpio
| (for lack of a better term). I had thought that S3C6410 would allow
| remapping of VD pins to GPIO. I don't have the actual S3C6410
| datasheet, just the S3C6400X that you had linked to in another thread.
| That one suggests XvVD[17:0] can be switched into Function 3 (GPIO
| mode). Is this assumption invalid for GTA03's 6410?

Nope it's still true, you can just bitbang it directly.  But, there's
not much in it except managing a single issue of framebuffer content
each time.

There's something quite pleasingly generic about handling it as a true
framebuffer, you can walk up to any 18-bit LCD interface on anything
that allows GPIO style control of just a couple of remaining signals.
You need a lib-video-bitbang or something and a lot of people could
think to use it.

But GPIO is fine too in GTA03 case.

|> It's the same LCM connector signals right now.  So there is not too much
|> hit doing it on GTA02 + Glamo vs GTA03.
| Ok, I understand that to mean that the LCM connector pinout between
| GTA02 (CON6001) and GTA03 are similar. So physically not much


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