Bluetooth headset routed over USB on Freerunner: why we need it and what problems i faced

Paul Fertser fercerpav at
Tue Feb 24 23:15:23 CET 2009

Paul Fertser <fercerpav at> writes:
> Hm, i thought about one more thing we might want to try before asking
> the vendor. I know that SCO over PCM does work but i didn't actually
> try it with my headset (mostly because the routing diagram wasn't
> ready by that time). So i can also have some rare compatibility issue
> between my earpiece and the CSR BT adapter.

Hm, still no luck even after returning to the previous setting
(SCORouting: PCM), adjusting mixer controls to seemingly correct state
to route the sound i hear from speaker to ADC and tweaking python
script from wiki to make it bluez 4.x compatible. The log is ok, but i
get no sound and SCO counter is not increased. I might be missing
something obvious like a special way to enable ADC or smth like
that. Or it might be as well incompatibility between my earpiece and
this CSR chip, i'm not sure an anything anymore :)

Stefan, could you please either try to reproduce my tests with routing
over HCI (that should work according to sco counters and the logs) or
give me some hints how to produce test sound over PCM :)

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