Bluetooth headset routed over USB on Freerunner: why we need it and what problems i faced

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Fri Feb 27 08:06:24 CET 2009


c_c <cchandel at> writes:
>> Ok, looks like it's not needed (probably yet). With another earpiece
>> (Jabra) it finally works over HCI without issues, it seems. Didn't
>> tried to temporarily switch to PCM yet, but i guess it'd work.
>   Well, I've been following this thread with a lot of interest - since I've
> tried to get my Jabra BT125 handset working with my freerunner without
> success. I've seen the wiki page and gone through most of the ML. Seems like
> it's taken for granted that BT headset's work - but there are a lot of end
> users who can't seem to get it going. Then, there are doubts about the alsa
> state files and the wolfson bluetooth_pcm.c file ......

Doubts about the alsa state files and the wolfson? I think you misread
all my messages, sorry.

>   So, It's nice to hear that you've got things going. Can you take
> the time to list out the steps involved? Perhaps detail the
> configuration in /etc/bluetooth, the version of bluez and the state
> file too. Thanks.

If you're interested in using bluetooth for GSM conversations, then
wait, it'll be integrated in FSO soon. Or read the mail by Jan
Lubbe (Problems with ASoC and Bluetooth routing) on the kernel ML.

If you're interested in SCO over HCI routing, re-read my first e-mail,
i still can't give any better instructions.

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