Weird hardware mod ???

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Sat Jan 24 06:39:09 CET 2009

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Somebody in the thread at some point said:
| I like the idea. Seems simple and easy.
| With small oscillator and other parts it will be possible to put it
| inside the case without problems(I mean "inner inside" - leaving space
| near the battery free for mods) - kind of the mod Werner did with his
| internal debug board.
| What drawbacks can we have after doing this?
| What I would like to know from hardware folks is will it affect
| charging/usb host mode etc.?

Won't affect any of that.

You'd need to meddle with the mylar flex PCB that holds the BT device
where it terminates to the PCB, that won't be simple.

You'd need to find some space for the hub as well, these are only in SMT
so you'd need a little PCB somewhere in there.

The hardest thing though will be to find a "webcam" type device that can
make any decent still picture over USB 1.1.

But other than those points, this is quite workable.

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