Debuzzing/sd-gps-rework/... session or BOF at LinuxTag in Berlin ?

Nils Faerber nils.faerber at
Fri Jun 5 11:57:17 CEST 2009

Harald Koenig schrieb:
> Hi,

> is anyone planning to offer a debuzz/sd-gps/... rework session
> or just a OM BOF at LinuxTag in Berlin (24.-27.6., ?

This is in fact a pretty neat idea ;)

I just got word from LinuxTag that there will be a Dev-Center again! The
FSO and other project folks want to hijack a table there and on all four
days present and hack mobile Linux, i.e. FSO stuff, OpenEZX, probably
other reverse engineering projects like Gnufiish too.

Hardware hacking would make a nice addition ;)

We just have to organise parts and tools.

If we know halfway how many devices we want to rework I could offer to:
- order and bring the parts (the modem 22µF capacitor is e.g. hard and
  quite expensive to get) - I would need a BOM for all the reworks!
- small lens-lamp (so old guys like me can see what they do)
- soldering iron (Weller Magnastat with lead-free tip) - not the
thinnest tip but should work, if someone has a better suited (and
tested!) iron please volunteer!
- if needed hot-air soldering station (are the tin-cans soldered to the
PCB? It could be hard to open them...)
- thin rework wire
- thin lead free solder
- thin solder wig (once there is too much solder on a pad ;)
- flux
- tools like torx screw driver, PCB fixation, ESD protection etc.

Anything forgotten?

Oh - and it should be made perfectly clear that this rework is done
wihtout any form of implicit or explicit warrenty! If the device breaks
within the process or the fix does not lead to the expected result or
any other misbehaviour or fault, we deny all reliability :)

> thanks,
> Harald
  nils faerber

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