Wrecked display and the USB host

Joerg Reisenweber joerg at openmoko.org
Sat May 2 12:34:15 CEST 2009

Am Sa  2. Mai 2009 schrieb Thomas Sanladerer:
> Chris Syntichakis schrieb:
> > So, that means that we can take off the BT module and connect 
> > (internal) a 3G usb dongle?
> I guess that should work as well.
> Two things you need to keep in mind though:
> - The display is heavily taped to the pcb. It's very hard to get it off 
> in one piece.
> - The 2442's hosts are usb 1.1 only, i.e. you can hope to get 1MB/s max.
> I uploaded a pic of how the bt is connected: 
> http://dt-computer.de/neobt.jpg . The two connections marked should be 
> "data -" and "data +". As i belive you have already taken your neo apart 
> (who hasn't?) you'll know that the display entirely covers this 
> connection, so unless you've got a spare display, it would be quite hard 
> to get to.

I suggest asking your friendly OM hw dept guy instead of spreading rumor.
The LCM is easily removable when done correctly.
You need to warm up the device to ~60° and then *slowly* (= >10min) peel off 
the LCM. I removed quite some LCM now and not a single one broke. Other 
community members successfully did this removal as well

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