Finding space for a camera (Was: Weird hardware mod ???)

Rask Ingemann Lambertsen rask at
Sun May 3 14:38:16 CEST 2009

   I took my GTA02 apart to measure the amount of space available for
a camera.

Battery cover thickness: 1.4 mm.
Back cover thickness: 1.4 mm.
Front cover thickness: 2.7 mm (around display).

   There's a freakingly huge, white plastic spacer inside, extending from
the hole at the bottom to the USB and headphone connectors at the top, full
PCB width. It's 6.5 mm thick. The main speaker is inside the spacer and room
has been made for the WLAN module, but there's still e.g. a 11 mm by 12 mm
rectangle or 15 mm x 20 mm triangle (90 degree corner) completely unused.

   Between the battery connector and the vibrator, there's an approximately
7 mm deep, 5.5 mm wide and 6.6 mm long space. If you can live without the
vibrator, this space - between the battery connector and the USB connector -
becomes about 26 mm wide, of which the middle 15.7 mm is above a component
free area of the PCB.

   At the top of the GTA02, it might be possible to cram into something in
the area around the AUX button, earpiece speaker, debug connector and GPS
antenna, the latter of which takes up much space. In particular, its PCB is
no less than 29 mm wide and uses the full depth of 14 mm. The antenna 'box'
is only 15 mm wide - can the PCB be trimmed? How much? Notice also the
nearby 3.6 mm deep cavity between the battery cover and the back cover in
the area between the AUX button and the GPS antenna. The top part of the
GTA02 is special because there's no PCB, so you have 14 mm plus the
thickness of the cover(s). It is also close to the debug connector and
surrounding test points.

Rask Ingemann Lambertsen
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