code exchange neo1973 with android ?

Arioch the_Arioch at
Mon Jan 25 10:47:52 CET 2010

There is a cheap Android smartphone on the market

Processor: Samsung S3C2448 400Mhz
·Operating system: Google Android
·Network: GSM900/DCS1800 or GSM850/DCS1900, GPRS Class 10
·Display: 2.8” TFT-LCD with QVGA (320x240) flat touch-sensitive screen
·Camera: 2.0-mega-piexel CMOS
·Memory: 128MB(ROM), 128MB(RAM), 1GB microSD? memory card(up to 8GB)
·Connectivity: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi 802.11b/g

at least it is told to be readily usable phone and it costs much less than  
$500 that FreeRunner would cost in Russia :-)

unbranded it seems to be one

the problem is that chinese cheap goods comes with no after-sale support,  
no updates, etc
so if unofficial self-contained firmware project can be made - the phone  
definetly is interesting to buy
If not, if "take what we made and bear with it" - then it is not  
insteresting thing, though it's a pity

Alas, SciPhones sales manager knows nothign about software and developers  
(or at least are ordered to tell so)
Alas, Beyond-Radio e-mail is dead

And here comes the surprise -
Some code is taken/derives from neo1973

What might it seems ?
  * the person, who ported Android onto that phone was one of Moko hackers  
and put his experience with Moko code inside ? Maybe you know him ?
  * that is common case of code exchanges between Android and Moko and  
means nothing ?
  * that phone just has [mostly] the same hardware as Neo1973 ?

I wonder if you know any clues to unbox the firmware (currently some  
bootloaders told to work, some not, so at least there are sailing the  
phone with two different versions of firmware) and easier make custom  
android upgrades (bootlloader, drivers, upgrade/recovery methods).
I wonder if that phone may potentialyl be some fun for you to port  
OpenMoko to :-)

Sorry, for those, to whome this post would be just spam :-(

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