Access to some neo1973 hardware

Rod Whitby rod at
Mon Apr 2 13:03:52 CEST 2007

Erik Tews wrote:
> I would like to run some software I am currently writing on real neo1973
> hardware to find out how fast it is, and if it fits into the limited
> main memory.
> I think ssh access to a system where some developement tools (gcc, make)
> are installed for 1-2 hours should be sufficient. The software is
> currently not open source, but will be open source at the end of the
> week. Can somebody provide me access to such a system? I think I won't
> need superuser privileges.


Why don't you cross-compile the software, then put it somewhere where
people can download, install, run, and send you the results.

I may be able to be convinced to do that with an unknown binary (I'd
just devirginate before and after, and not have a SIM in the phone) if
there is a guarantee that it is going to be open sourced, but if you
released source now into OE, any one of the 36 Phase0 devs should be
happy to run it for you (or do that after you release the source).

-- Rod

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