eeprom programming

Richard A. Smith richard at
Tue Apr 3 22:11:44 CEST 2007

>> Is the EEPROM file correct?
> The linux based eeprom flashing process is somehow flawed.    
> The windows based method as recommended by FTDI using their MProg works,
> though :(
> We once had somebody volunteering to look at this problem, they even
> hada USB protocol analyzer.  Unfortuantely no result so far.

That was me..

Looking at bugzilla I see that you fixed the string writes.  Do I still 
need to look at this?

Getting the windows tool to work is a real pita.  It only works if the 
ID's are default.  So once you program it you can't re-program it.  But 
it appears to fail silently.

At least thats how it looks from the USB traces I grabbed.  I programmed 
the device and then re-programmed it with the analyzer enabled.  The 
logs are filled with single byte setup IN transactions where I see the 
characters one at a time aka 'M' 'o' 'k' 'o'.  So I suspect thats the 
reads I'm seeing and not the writing method.

At the time I was doing the grabs the owner of the windows machine was 
trying to get useful work done so I was not able to re-do the tests over 
and over.  Its a bit time consuming since I have to put the unit back in 
  a linuxbox and reprogram it back to the default ids.

I did not mess with it more since it appeared un-necessary.  The linux 
tool write the ID's fine (for me at least) and openOCD and ftdi_sio only 
care about the IDs. Not the strings.

But If you still want more info I'll certainly get everything all hooked 
up and do another grab.

Richard Smith  <richard at>
One Laptop Per Child

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