eeprom programming

Werner Almesberger werner at
Wed Apr 4 01:10:23 CEST 2007

Richard A. Smith wrote:
> Looking at bugzilla I see that you fixed the string writes.  Do I still 
> need to look at this?

No, I think I figured it out pretty completely. The only riddle
is why it worked for Harald, but maybe he just gave it a stern
look and it decided to choose compliance over valor for that
day :-)

This still leaves what seems to be a hardware issue, but that
one it hard to track down. In an automated test that did an
off(t1)-on(t2)-off(t3)-on(2s)-poll sequence, I got a hit ratio of
about 1:1000 with t1 through t3 randomly in the interval [0,10s].
999:1000 yielded the default IDs (or no IDs), i.e., the chip
thought the EEPROM wasn't properly programmed. So I was in fact
very lucky that I saw this work at all. But that's something for
our hardware group to play with now :-)

Thanks for your testing !

- Werner

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