Getting our batteries to charge

Richard A. Smith richard at
Tue Apr 3 17:35:46 CEST 2007

Harald Welte wrote:

>> I put u-boot-gta01bv3-r4_0_0_1569.bin in one of our phones this weekend 
>> and left it plugged in 
> 'plugged in' into what?  A self-powered or root USB hub? 

Sorry. It was a self power hub.  I've also left it plugged in to a root 
hub but that was with earlier versions of u-boot.

> In the latter case (wall outlet charger):  Please just don't use that
> device.  Safely put it away where it cannot cause any further harm

Heh.. All we got was Mako's phone(s) and then the debug board you sent 
later.  So we don't have that device to trouble us.

> I have to say I'm utterly surprised by this, given the fact that I'm
> constantly experimenting with half a dozen of phones of various hardware
> revisions, I have not seen this problem happening even once.
> If you have the time (and equipment), please try the following:
> 1) try to measure the current to/from the battery using a multimeter

Will do.  Now that I know it _should_ work I'll start sniffing.  Any 
recommendations for connecting to the battery such that I can get 
inline?  I suppose I could tack on some small wires if I'm quick with 
the iron.  Do I have to hook up the one-wire signal as well?

Oh.. And thanks for the cc of the hardware list.  Somehow I missed that 
list. I just subscribed and I'm looking at the archives now.

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