Battery Charging

Ian Stirling openmoko at
Fri Apr 13 15:14:22 CEST 2007

Richard A. Smith wrote:
> Harald Welte wrote:
>> issuing configuration requests.  Even in that case, it was my
>> understanding, that they always provide 5V/100mA on each of their
>> downstream ports.
> That does not seem to be the case for this hub.  The way I found this 
> out was that I had another one of the hubs on a different machine and 
> when I plugged it up I noticed that all the lights on the ports lit up 
> but with it unplugged they were dark.

This is correct for many devices.
Logically, if the hub is a powered/unpowered hub, it pretty much has to 
do this, as it has to be able to plugged into a hub with only 100mA 
available, and say 'no, can't do anything'.

The Belkin Tetrahub, for example when externally powered will not power 
anything without a powered host plugged in.
However, it only actually needs power for a second, to recognise the 
host, after which it works fine.

This is relevant to powered hubs being used to connect to the neo in 
host mode to run stuff too of course.

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