neo schematics for i2c access

Michael Kramer kramtek at
Wed Oct 3 17:10:50 CEST 2007


sorry for posting to multiple lists, but i wasn't sure who might be able to
help the most.

the company i work for is VERY interested in using the neo for prototyping a
user interface
to a particular/proprietary I2C device, and there is information on the wiki
regarding what other devices are currently
on the i2C bus for the phone, but i have yet to find any schematics or
information as to how
one might access this bus physically; and although i've scoured the
'Dissassembling the Neo...' page
and checked out the front and back images of the Gta01b_v4 board (with EMI
shields and touchscscreen removed)
its not yet clear where one might access this bus.

is this kind of information expected to be publicly available someday?
and/or is it expected that
access to the i2c bus will be part of the neo's open development philosophy,
or am i just wishing for too much here?

(i've been building OM for motorola phones, and loving it, and will be
ordering a neo any day for myself, but if we could
access the i2c capabilities i'm sure i'd be ordering several more very

many thanks to OM and the whole community for opening our phones!!!

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