Somewhat bricked neo problem

Gary Oliver go at
Wed Oct 17 21:57:21 CEST 2007

Rafa Couto wrote:
>     ..
> I have got same problem with GTA01BV4, fully charged batteries at 3.6V :-(
Though this isn't quite "epidemic" it does appear the several folks have
come forward with the same problem as I'm experiencing.  At the moment I
can start my neo uboot using the "two finger salute" with the USB cable
disconnected, but as soon as I plug it in to my desktop (well, within
about 10 seconds) it powers down.  Makes it impossible to flash a new
set of software.  It's as if as soon as the neo enumerates on the USB
host, it commits suicide by powering down.  If I do not plug in the USB,
the uboot screen will stay up until it times out.  I can continue
cursoring up and down as long as I want.  It does NOT shut down by itself.

Unfortunately the last time this happened was during a flash update of
the kernel, so I can't boot ANYTHING other than the uboot screen at the

Connecting to the debug board doesn't seem to help any more.

Dead hardware?  What should I look for?

How do I get past this point without buying a new phone?

And assuming I get this fixed, how do I keep it from happening again?


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