Force analog calls??

Christopher Earl earlc8451 at
Sat Oct 20 08:39:59 CEST 2007

I thought my GSM chip was dead. It was not like all the others. I did not get errors. Finally, i tried going to a larger town, i got a populated AT+COPS=? . So i called my service provider,Got a tech on the line, and he said "Oh i want that phone.However, there is not 900/1900 coverage in your area.". My area does NOT have GSM 900/1900 it only has 850. I live in a podunk cattle town, for now. Is there any way of forcing an analog only connection?   I would also like to know if I can 'cu' into the analog chip as I can with the GSM chip. Any other work arounds would acceptable too. Sorry if this is the wrong list. 

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