GSM 850 Limits

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Christopher Earl schrieb:
> I dont know how much this helps, hope at least a little. After realizing this super sweet phone lacks in a crucial way, I set a goal to help fix it, as i live in a black out area. So i called my service provider and talked to a tech, he loved the neo as well. he watched a log while i booted my phone. He said it does communicate , goes something like this.
> NEO > "Hello" 
> AT&T > "READY"
> NEO > 
> AT&T > "Hello"
> NEO > 
> He said the neo does not give a register response, but the network is waiting for it. He even told me the two SIM serials I used. If there is anything I can ask them that will help, I would be happy to call back. It is possible that the problem is with software, maybe the kernel module or gsmd. Any Ideas?

Software: Very likely.
Kernel/driver/gsmd: Quite unlikely.

I would rather suspect a firmware problem with the TI GSM chipset. 99.9%
of the GSM part is handled autonomously by the GSM chipset. The code for
that is running on a second independant core inside the GSM part.

There are reportedly other problems with the currently shipped GSM
firmware as well, some of which have been fixed. The OpenMoko people are
currently checking how the firmware can be upgraded "in the field" -
something which has not been done before as it seems.

So best guess is: Report this as a bug, give as many details in the bug
report as possible and hope/wait for a fix. I am pretty sure that you
can not fix it yourself - but this is an issue only TI or the OpenMoko
hardware people can give a definitive answer for.

There might be one little chance that a changed configuration (using AT
commands) could help. But I would give this just a 1:1000 chance and
since the documentation of the TI AT command interface is practically
zero you can also not help here. The only usable reference, maybe it
contains a hint about GSM850 modes, is the official GSM AT command
interface specification (linked somewhere in the WiKi).

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