Somewhat bricked neo problem

Patrick Büker patrick_b at
Sun Sep 16 13:04:16 CEST 2007

Karsten Ensinger wrote:
> to work) and made a reboot. Everything seemed to be ok until I
> shut down the neo and let it connected to the laptop overnight.
> Since the next morning the neo is dead. Just the flash of the screen
> mentioned in your description can also be seen on my neo sometimes.
> I even took a different device (a nokia bluetooth gps mouse) to
> charge the neo batteries but to no avail. The neo stays dead even
> with completely charged batteries.

I hope it's no hardware defect like a burned out power regulator from
the battery to the device. Let's hope it's a software thing. Mine is alive.
Please add this bug to bugzilla, I don't think it is in there, or could
not find it.

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