Somewhat bricked neo problem

Gary Oliver go at
Sun Sep 23 21:24:39 CEST 2007

Mine has gotten somewhat worse; It will still power up when the debug
board is attached, and will boot and run the last flashed OM in that
configuration.  But when I plug in the USB connection to the PHONE
(flashing directly rather than through the debug board interfaces) it
will shut down after about 10 seconds.

I need to try the flash through the debug board and see what happens.


Karsten Ensinger wrote:
> Unfortunately, after getting back my debug board, it seems as if
> I have had a different problem, although the symptoms appeared to
> be the same.
> Using the debug board, I was able to connect to the neo too and
> load a recent u-boot into ram, which in turn let me flash a recent
> version of the complete firmware (u-boot, uImage and rootfs).
> After that, the neo went back to normal. That means that I am able
> to start and stop the neo without a connection to the debug board.
> Regards
> Karsten

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