OpenMoko Neo1973 Free Phone update

Harald Welte laforge at
Wed Feb 28 20:12:40 CET 2007

Dear OpenMoko Neo1973 Phase-0 Developers,

The OpenMoko Project to "Free Your Phone," ( has 
selected you as one of the few Free and Open Source developers eligible for 
early access to FIC's Neo1973.

This means, once we have your shipping details, you will receive a Neo1973
Developer Edition _free of cost_. Yes: No payment for either product or

We want to ship the phone on February 11th (please see our roadmap):

So in order to make use of this offer, please get back to us no later than
February 4th, 2007.  

We will require the following information to complete this process:

    0) Whether you actually want to have one of our hackable phones 
       for free ;)
    1) Your full name and shipping address, including country of residence.
    2) Any requirements that your country might impose on direct product
       shipping from Taiwan, e.g. documentation required for the customs /
       import procedure.


Please keep in mind that you are not receiving a 100% finished and polished
product.  This is the pre-release of the developers' version, so your
mileage might vary.

We are extremely interested in any kind of feedback that you might be able
to give us.  Please direct both bug reports and feature requests to our
bugzilla at and participate in the discussion
on the openmoko-devel at mailing list once you have your 
Neo1973. Your feedback will make a huge difference!

Happy Hacking,

The OpenMoko Core Team and FIC
- Harald Welte <laforge at>         
Software for the world's first truly open Free Software mobile phone

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