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Wed Aug 15 02:16:10 CEST 2007

It would be great to have a global profile system where any application can
change the profile of the phone. i.e GPS based on location, via an
appointment in the calendar of via user selection, etc. I know GPS based
profiles have been discussed before were if you are in at work the phone
will switch to silent, but it would be great if this was a system wide
option. I know that with my current nokia if you press the power button you
will get a menu to either change the profile of the phone or switch it off.
It would be great if we could implement this feature but also allow other
software applications to make use of this as well. On top of this we will
also need an application were you can make profiles and set ring tone,
volume etc.



On 8/14/07, karsten.at.openmoko at onlinehome.de <
karsten.at.openmoko at onlinehome.de> wrote:
> Hi,
> why not combine the "feature" with a regular appointment in the calendar?
> Press a button and automatically one gets a new appointment starting "now"
> and last a preset time.
> An appointment should have the ability to set a specific profile when the
> start time is reached and reset to the profile set before start time when
> reaching end time.
> The "one button" appointment should have a profile for meetings preset
> (of course this should be configurable).
> Advantage would be that the average user will immediately understand
> the concept and you don't have to implement a complete new application.
> Obviously I assume that the calendar application can handle profiles per
> appointment. If it can't, one should implement this first.
> Regards
> Karsten
> >related to the 'automatic off in theaters' it might be nice to be able
> >to press a button and it will turn the ringer off for a preset time.
> >Useful for students going to classes and such - they can press the
> >button at the start of the class or people at meetings, or on a date,
> >etc.  So you it is turned off during the important times but you don't
> >have to remember to turn it back on.
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