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Fri Aug 17 07:42:21 CEST 2007

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On Aug 16, 2007, at 10:13 PM, Karsten Ensinger wrote:

> Clarke Wixon wrote:
>> Thomas Wood wrote:
>>> Sounds interesting, although I would hate to use the feature in a
>>> meeting that over ran. Do you use the feature yourself?
>> Of course, there are a couple of other ways to deal with the  
>> overlong-meeting problem: allow some extra time for it in the  
>> first place (which can be inconvenient if the meeting *doesn't*  
>> run long), or re-up the mute time when you notice the meeting  
>> running long (which is easy enough to do).
> Why not use the GPS for determining, if one already left the
> meeting room?
> Take a considerable distance from the center point (which is
> determined during the time of the meeting) and extend the
> time of muting following the end time of the meeting until
> the distance is exceeded or the user marks the meeting as
> "ended".

Interesting but extremely complex for a simple problem.

Assuming you sync your calendars to the application, when an event is  
marked as "quiet" or semantically, looks like a meeting, turn the  
phone to vibrate. When the event's specified end time elapses, return  
to the previous ring-state.

Use the data the user already has provided.

My 2 cents minus sales tax :)


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