turn ringer off for a specified time

Sean C. McCord openmoko at cycoresys.com
Fri Aug 17 08:15:52 CEST 2007

On Thu, Aug 16, 2007 at 10:42:21PM -0700, R. Tyler Ballance wrote:
> >Why not use the GPS for determining, if one already left the
> >meeting room?
> Interesting but extremely complex for a simple problem.

I am not speaking with any knowledge of interfacing to the GPS, but a
distance calculation is utterly trivial.  Just take the cubed root (3D) of
the differences.  There is nothing complex about it.

Resolution could potentially be a problem, and, of course, GPS doesn't
work so well indoors :), but that is why this would be an _option_.
From the UI perspective, I would have a general preference for the GPS
distance from origination trigger, and at silence time, simply have one
option which is "Until Moved" or something like that.
> Assuming you sync your calendars to the application, when an event is  
> marked as "quiet" or semantically, looks like a meeting, turn the  
> phone to vibrate. When the event's specified end time elapses, return  
> to the previous ring-state.

For me, I always despise these type of "locked in tandem" types of
features.  They seem simple and good at first, but invariably, they are
irritating.  I, for instance, very rarely want my phone silenced in
meetings because it is too easy to miss calls, and most of my meetings
are just not important enough to block out calls.  It may be fine as an
option, but it should definitely be disablable.
> My 2 cents minus sales tax :)

Now with my sales tax. :)

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