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On 8/17/07, Sean C. McCord <openmoko at cycoresys.com> wrote:
> On Thu, Aug 16, 2007 at 10:42:21PM -0700, R. Tyler Ballance wrote:
> > >Why not use the GPS for determining, if one already left the
> > >meeting room?
> >
> > Interesting but extremely complex for a simple problem.
> For something that would be a little more interesting, you could use the
> accelerometers for this, as well.  I don't know how accurate they are,
> but they would certainly work even indoors for determining distance
> moved.  The problem, here would be getting a high enough and accurate
> enough time strobing in order to come up with a reasonably accurate
> distance.
> This would be closer to "extremely complex" than the GPS, but still
> fairly trivial from a top-down view.
Why not combine them? we have he possibility, simply use the calendare,
after the specified time, the gps checks if it's inside the meeting room. if
not, it switches back. if yes, it remains mute, makes some sort of "bling:
meeting is overrunning its time" sound (one time only, not to annoy, but to
nitfy),and displays a message: "meeteing-time is over. wanna unmute?", with
yes and no as options. Also, in the background, it starts the
accelerometers, and if there is a constant motion for more then, let's say,
20 sekonds, check position with gps. If outside of meeting-room, make sound
again. if not,keep on. So we avoid wasting battery life with constant gps
check, we catch eventual trips to the toilet, and we keep it smart and
It should also be possible to make some sort of "emergency code": if someone
sends an sms with a given key, then calls from this number are not muted for
the next 10 minutes. This allows, for example, to let familiars call you
when something is really urgent.
It#s also important that we don't forget the option to simply manually
disable the mute, because if the system, for some reason, fails to unmute,
the user shouldn't be locked to mute ;)

Just my 2 cents (with maaany tax, i'm italian :( )

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