Simon Josefsson simon at
Tue Feb 20 11:07:43 CET 2007

"Michael 'Mickey' Lauer" <mickey at> writes:

> I'll go over the license headers in the files I've touched again soon.
> There is one thing I'm undecided on and this is the "(or any later
> version)" clause. I have no idea what the FSF might come up with in the
> future, so why should I proactively agree with everything?

One reason to do so would be for the current code to remain compatible
with GPLv3 code.

A lot of code will move to GPLv3, when it is released, and if a GPLv2
vs GPLv3 license conflict leads to serious problems for anyone, they
may be faced with re-implementing your GPLv2 code under GPLv3, which
seems like a waste.

If you don't like what the FSF come up with, you can still use GPLv2.
However, some parts of GPLv3 are quite relevant to OpenMoko, and I'd
really like to see OpenMoko eventually use GPLv3 because of its
additional DRM clauses.  Devices like the Neo1973 are prime examples
of devices where DRM can effectively prevent end-users from using the
device fully, and it would be a shame if that happened.


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