Noob GPL Licence Question

Greg lunved at
Tue Feb 20 11:42:49 CET 2007


I have an app the I wrote for PalmOS, that I 'm preparing for OpenMoko.  The 
app decodes ISUP cause values to their text meanings. (Might seem trivial, 
but not at 3am with Customer heavies asking/shouting ...)

My Question is: Since, I have determined the meanings from several different 
ITUT specifications, does this mean that the code cannot be GPL?

I'm assuming that re-phrasing the meanings into "Greg-speak" would not make 
any difference.

I've been coding for over 10 years, but have never had anything privately 
written to release that even had a trivial _general_ use, so I've never had 
to worry about sources of info ...

Thanks for any help.


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