Bugzilla Bug 591 - dialing from contacts needs to be possible without stylus

Gabriel Ambuehl gabriel_ambuehl at buz.ch
Fri Jun 15 11:52:15 CEST 2007

On Friday 15 June 2007 11:42:33 Thomas Wood wrote:
> I'm looking for suggestions and pointers about this bug. The contacts
> design is currently stylus only and there isn't even any mention of
> making calls at all. We could add an icon or button next to each
> "telephone" entry in the details pane to launch the dialer.
If the button is reasonably sized, that should work. I routinely use the 
stylus buttons on my P900 with my fingers, for the bigger one that works 

I guess it wouldnt hurt being able to browse and select contacts with fingers 
only, too.
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