Bugzilla Bug 591 - dialing from contacts needs to be possible without stylus

Thomas Wood thomas at openedhand.com
Fri Jun 15 15:51:42 CEST 2007

On Fri, 15 Jun 2007 10:46:06 -0300
Werner Almesberger <werner at openmoko.org> wrote:

> Thomas Wood wrote:
> > making calls at all. We could add an icon or button next to each
> > "telephone" entry in the details pane to launch the dialer.
> > 
> > Does anyone have any thoughts about where or how to implement a
> > "finger" version of this feature?
> As a start, maybe make the whole number a button ?
> One tap could highlight the number and bring up buttons
> (large and somewhere where they don't conflict with
> anything else), for choosing what to do with it, i.e.,
> make a call or send an SMS.

Sounds good, although obviously it would be a feature only present in
"view" mode (as opposed to "edit"). A drop down menu with "Call" and
"Send Message" would probably be sufficient.



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