Ruby for OpenMoko

Varga-Háli Dániel vargadanis at
Mon May 28 05:58:13 CEST 2007


I was playing around with Ruby and Python just to see how they are
when compiling. I got some interesting results. Without taking
anything out (that means I compiled everything that came with the
package) I got these:
- Python: 19MB (with -Os -mpreferred-stack-boundary=2 options)
- Ruby: 9.6MB (with Os -mpreferred-stack-boundary=2 options)

I did not optimize it to ARM920t this time but this should not be an
issue. That means Ruby is about 10MB smaller. (I got -0.8MB when I
used these options for Ruby) That is significant. Also, if I remove
some of the seldom used packages, I think it is possible to get it
around 7-8MBs that is not bad for such a functional language. There
are other options for optimization. I will try them and I shall see
which one is the best. I didn't optimize it for anything that means
the code does not include any specific instructions. Maybe, by giving
it the arm920t options, the code will be even smaller.

Do you think, it is still too big to get it into the distro?


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