Reusable 'full sized page' scaling/display widget

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Thu Nov 8 00:56:15 CET 2007

Hi all,

This is about

I think a component that any OpenMoko application could call upon to
handle the display, zooming, scrolling and interaction with pages
larger than the screen in a very intuitive, polished (antialiased
fonts, etc) and speedy way could add enormous utility to a load of
apps. I've written a proposal for a 'BigPage widget' that would allow
any application to create an offscreen 'canvas' of any size that it
could render whatever information it desired to. The BigPage widget
(placed somewhere on the UI of the application) would then handle the
display of the canvas, or part of the canvas - depending on zoom

So, I am writing to this list in the hope that someone who is writing
a kind of 'full page scaling' feature like BigPage for their app split
it out and make it a widget that can be accessed by a lot of apps.

By it being a widget we would allow many apps to use the same kind of
UI/gestures and also save a lot of developer time...

Please tell me what you think!


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