Synchronization (e.g. PIM)

Paul Eggleton bluelightning at
Fri Nov 9 01:44:49 CET 2007

Jon Phillips wrote:
> Agree with you wholeheartedly...looks like new versions haven't been
> pushed out to the distros lately either...Paul, do you develop on the
> project?

Yes, although I don't do much work on the core engine. At the moment we
are still working on a development version that will become the next
stable release (0.40) which is why you don't see this work in
distributions yet. With regard to OpenSync being a moving target, I think
most of the significant API and build system changes are behind us now. I
guess the point I was trying to make is that OpenSync is being actively
developed and we would definitely appreciate more testing and feedback.

With regard to Conduit I am aware that there have been some discussions
and work recently on integrating OpenSync, but the discussions have been
mostly centered around device discovery, communications etc., since the
goal is an end-to-end synchronisation solution rather than just an engine
(which is what OpenSync does best). There is a summary of some of the
discussions here:

There are also other synchronisation GUI projects around that use OpenSync
eg. Gnome-sync, KitchenSync (part of KDE PIM) etc.


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