start writing applications - how?

Andreas Jellinghaus aj at
Thu Nov 15 19:45:59 CET 2007

Marc Verwerft wrote:
> The developers works (IBM) site has a very good tutorial that appeared
> Nov. 13. It's titled 'Software development for the OpenMoko Linux
> phone'. You do have to register but it's worth it. It's the best I've
> found up to now.
> They explain the development envitonment and start with a simple
> 'Hello World' application using a recipe with bitbake.. Next step is a
> minimal GTK+ application and finally a system information applet!
> Have a look at

thanks for the pointer. unfortunatly this seems to be the same information
as is in the wiki already, and it might totaly disappoint users by going
down the many hours - many gigabyte road of compiling your own moko from
scratch as far as I can see.

I found out all I had to do, was download a recent image from, flash it to my neo, setup usb networking,
ssh to the neo, cut&paste some pygtk example and i could start my hello
world application. maybe 15 minutes (plus many hours before for collecting
all the necessary information).

I put my experience into the wiki at

maybe this could be converted into some more prominent page?
or should we add lots of warning before someone bricks his moko?
(I included a few warnings already, and I can't do another run to verify
everything, as currently is down.)

Regards, Andreas

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