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Milko Krachounov milko at 3mhz.net
Sun Nov 18 15:33:55 CET 2007

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I've got my Neo 1973 phone several weeks ago. I've been playing with it,
trying to learn how to write GTK programs and OpenMoko programs. My idea
was to write a simple SMS application and to find the reason my gsmd is
not working (bug #911), so I can actually use my phone. So far I managed
to do neither, but I have created a GUI for an application, that might
be suitable for a mail client.

I've put my code and screenshots at the following address:

It is currently dubbed "openmoko-mail", if there is a problem with this,
I will rename it. Anyway, it is currently the software equivalent of a
mock-up - it does nothing, besides displaying hard-coded messages, and
big chunks of itneed to be rewritten for an actual working
implementation. It presents my suggestions for the email GUI, and what I
aim to implement.

On screenshot 1, you can the main tab is supposed to look.
On screenshot 2, you can see a suggestion of mine - a menu popping up,
when you hold a toolbar button for 500ms, similar to GtkMenuToolButton,
but having a timeout, instead of an arrow. I don't know if it is a good
idea, from usability standpoint or other, but in my humble opinion it is
a bit better than an GtkMenuToolButton on the phone, and works with
thumbs, too. My implementation of the idea is in menutoolbutton.c and
menutoolbutton.h, it borrows some code from GtkMenuToolButton.
Screenshot 3 is the mail reading interface.
Screenshot 4 and 5 are the mail writing interface. You can fill the to,
subject, cc and bcc fields, and you have to switch between pairs of them
using two arrow buttons, so there is space for the mail body and the
keyboard. Screenshot 6: There is a toggle button, which replaces the
body of the message with the attachment list.

I'm going to try to start working on its functionality soon, use
libtinymail, get rid of the SMS parts and try to turn it into a working
mail client.

P.S. There is also implementation of a custom label widget in my code,
dubbed mokofieldlabel, which is more or less the same as WrapLabel from
libview.sf.net, and aims to create a label widget that correctly
wraps/ellipsizes at the correct position when used in a suitable
container (like in my header display and attachment list). You can take
a look at it, too.
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