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just read your message;

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        Hi everybody,

        I decided to develop a OpenMoko application as my final year
        I will try to write a voip module which connects via wifi, if
        to a voip provider(probably over SIP).

        My problem now is to get a Neo1973(GTA-02) with wifi included as
        soon as
        possible, because the project has to be finished by end of March
        I know it shall be ready for the mass market in December, but it
        be much better to get it earlier.
        Has anyone an idea whom to ask for this?
        I am not sure if I need to get the developer kit as well to write my
        desired application. Does anybody know?



have a look at distro-devel Digest, Vol 6, Issue 3 and others later and 
at the final email one of my group wrote to the mail list that i copy 
here for u:

      / From: Francesco Pistillo <pistillofrancesco at gmail.com
    <mailto:pistillofrancesco at gmail.com>>
    Date: 12-set-2007 23.02
    Subject: [Data & Calls] over [Wifi & Mesh network]
    To: community at lists.openmoko.org <mailto:community at lists.openmoko.org>

    //>> 1)to offer sms  and/or phone call services not just by GSM
    network, but
     >> with WIFI,bluethoot, and so on, in transparent way from the end user
     >> point of view.
     >> We mean: when a person want to make a call, our program should
     >> which is the faster and cheaper way to route the call (WIFI, gsm).
     >> This idea is based on walkie talkie idea in wish list.

     >For me this is the one that I believe would help put an openmoko based
     >phone ahead of the pack.


    Hi, i'm a member of "University of Bari" team (Vittoria Cozza). Is
    interesting to combine 1) with 4) mobile MESH to create a
    decentralized network.
    After some research on internet, i found a private company that start
    this project.

    Here is an extract about main idea:

    "..........works using handsets adapted to work as peers that can
    route data or calls for other phones in the network. The handsets also
    serve as nodes between other handsets, extending the reach of the
    entire system. Each handset has an effective range of about one
    This collaborative routing of calls means there is no cost to talk
    between handsets......"
    "............When a phone is switched on, it begins to look for other
    phones within range. If it finds them, it starts to connect and extend
    the radio network......."
    ".......When a number is dialled a handset checks to see if the person
    being called is within range. If they are, the call goes through....."

    is it a great idea? according to openmoko community we can start
    this project!/


just some weeks ago me and my working group (computer science 
departiment, bari university, italy) choosed to work on the topic you 
are choosing now!
what's the point? should we collaborate and share the work?

may be u are new on the mailing list and u didn't read about
or just i did the mistake of not open the project on 

one in the group, the master student Francesco Pistillo, is working on 
openmoko for his final thesis project as u :)

but our deadline is December

Let me know what do u think about.

PHD student Vittoria Cozza

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