OpenMoko application QT?!?!?!

Dave Neary dave.neary at
Wed Oct 10 10:44:06 CEST 2007


I should probably chjoose a better place to make my first contribution
to the list, but...

Eric Preston wrote:
> On 6-Oct-07, at 8:41 AM, Chris Lord wrote:
>> OK, I give up. Using Qt on a GTK-based, embedded platform isn't a bad
>> idea at all and I definitely didn't provide justification for my
>> statements in any of my previous mails.
> I feel your pain reading this thread. Don't be too discouraged.  There
> are those of us out there that understand and agree whole heartedly and
> applaud your *more than a passing attempt* at explaining why OpenMoko is
> a GTK-based platform/framework to the endless hordes who want to talk
> all day and all night about Qt.

As a GNOME guy, and as a developer on a QT telephony application
( - excuse the plug), I definitely appreciate
that using QT on a GTK+ platform introduces overhead which penalises
system performance. If/when we port OpenWengo to the OpenMoko platform,
we will more than likely re-write a GUI using gtkmm or pygtk and plug
that onto the existing data model - I would advise anyone else focusing
a particular platform which has GNOME mobile as the target platform to
do something similar.


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