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On Thu, 2007-10-18 at 10:12 -0700, Jon wrote:
> On 10/18/07, Thomas Wood <thomas at> wrote:

> #1 - The Wiki. You are correct.  It isn't there for discussing, just
> results.  But I put up the first bits that we had, so if someone
> wanted to revise what I had written - they could.  
Don't worry, I wasn't criticising. I think the pages you've put up are a
great start!

> #2 - I'd have to lean towards "Text Message".  While I personally use
> SMS, I know that most people give me this funny look like I'm speaking
> Russian when I say it.  In the U.S. it seems that "Text Message" is
> the way to go.  That is what it says in my RAZR, thats what they
> advertise on TV, and thats what the cell plans include ("200 Text
> Messages", etc) 

I think the media point is very good. I looked at my Nokia and it simply
refers to it as "Messaging". Messages will be the name of the SMS/e-mail
combined application I believe, so "Text Messages" sounds like a better
idea for this temporary application.

> As for an SMS application, I think it should work like a very simple
> email client.  A main menu with the following options:  New, Drafts,
> Inbox, Outbox/Sent, Quick Messages, and possibly Settings.  So you can
> create a new message, save it (to drafts) or send it, and then check
> the message status in the Outbox.  Quick Messages are "canned"
> messages that you can write once and save - For example: "I'm busy,
> can I contact you later?", "Please Call", "What time?", "Hey! Hows it
> going?". 

OK, so we have a couple of user requirements:

 * New Message
 * Inbox, Drafts, Outbox and Sent folders
 * Quick Messages (Templates)
 * Preferences (delivery reports, save sent, others?)

Note that the current application designs don't have any main menus. All
the features are available through buttons. I've tried to avoid menus so
far as I don't think they often hide functionality and could be
difficult to use with a touchscreen using a finger. I would be
interested to hear people's thoughts on this.



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