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Hey, that's really nice and professional looking.  I too think we have a
good start now and can add more details as needed.

For linking to a pdf, I thought in the edit screen there's buttons which
allows you to link to an external location. If it doesn't work, there's
always the editing help link at the bottom, which leads you to the mediawiki
help pages.


On 10/19/07, london cowgirl <isntthatjesus at> wrote:
> I created a cleaner version of our User Personas and added it to the wiki:
> I gave our users names -- We should get into the habit of referring to our
> users by name when we're discussing a design feature. Honestly, it really
> helps.
> It would be great if designers could print out the personas and have them
> nearby when thinking about design decisions.
> I tried to include a link to a pdf version, but my wiki markup skills
> aren't that great. Any hints on how I can do this?
> It would also be great if we could expand on what's been started. The more
> we know about the user, the better we'll make design decisions - and a bad
> a** product in the end.
> Carla White
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