Text Messaging Application Design

Dave Neary dave.neary at wengo.com
Wed Oct 24 17:39:37 CEST 2007


Joshua Layne wrote:
> On Wengo specifically - does it leverage Telepathy or is it a total
> rewrite (not making any statement as to which was first....)  Telepathy
> also seems to do much of this - just no SIP.

"Rewrite" is a bit harsh. We don't leverage Telepathy. But then, when we
wrote the softphone, that wasn't an option.

Also, we're looking for a very large public - so from the start we were
designed as cross-platform & standards-based. Telepathy has
traditionally focussed on Linux, and up until recently wasn't available
on Windows (not sure if that's changed). It's entirely possible to make
a connection manager (like the Sofia SIP connection manager) for phapi,
  our SIP abstraction layer, or/and to adapt the front-end to use the
Telepathy API to send messages through back-ends which are available.


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