Text Messaging Application Design

Joshua Layne joshua at willowisp.net
Thu Oct 25 05:28:20 CEST 2007

Jon wrote:
> Ok...
> I was going to write this a bit sooner, but since things got side 
> tracked, it seems not to matter.  First I'd like to say that 
> SMS/Pidgin (or similar) integration would be uber cool in my opinion.
> Secondly I have to say this following bit for the record: Text 
> Messaging != Instant Messaging.  SMS = Text Messaging.
> While long ago this thread was jacked (Demonstrating one of the 
> failures of using a thread based messaging system).  We probably 
> should go back and look at the original purpose of the thread: to 
> "focus on the tasks involved in a Text Message application. "

Sorry if I participated in the thread-jacking mentioned above, but I 
fundamentally disagree with your premise above.  I should not have to 
know what protocol I am using to contact my friends - I should be able 
to configure it and it should just work, negotitating protocols as 
text-based messaging = texting + IMing + emailing
emailing is asynchronous
IMing is synchronous (usually)
texting is somewhere in between.

it's fine to target an SMS-only app, but I personally think it would be 
better if it evolved to unified messaging.


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