3 requests/questions for Openmoko: DVB-T / Buddylist / Batman-Mesh

Michael Schmidt schmidtm524 at googlemail.com
Sun Sep 16 17:30:36 CEST 2007


some months ago I discovered openmoko, this is a great project. I
definately will buy one of these phones.

What do users expect from a phone?

At the moment, there are some hype-phones, like
- nokia N95 (with 5 Mega Pixel Camera)
- iphone (with a big Mp3 storage)
- some phones experimenting with watching TV on the phone
- Wlan is impemented
-  and a lot of providers offer now data flat rates to be always on..
for chatting, Instant Messenger and Mail check.

Hope, with openmoke we as well can make pictures with 5 MP, listeing
to music and maybe FM radio, to
watch TV and Chat with our friends in the internet.

I want to suggest to support these innovative standard for wathing TV
and contacting friends.

a) Watching TV

There is a big competition of DMB and DVB-H, while DVB-H has a
back-channel, it allows more data logging of users behaviours. We do
not want that, users must be able to watch TV anoymous, without any
logging, which channel they watch. Though, this would be offered with
DMB, but here as wel it is possible to have Payed-TV. In general, we
needs a Phone-TV, which is free and has not to be payed.

This offers only DVB-T (and there is as well DVB-T2 (HD) on the roads).

And: there is worldwide only one phone, which supports DVB-T. this is
unfortunately on windiws mobile.
Hope, that Openmoko can support as well the free, unpaids DVB-T on
linux: "GSmart t600"

So my question is, is there any initiative, to support DVB-T
Television in Openmoko?

b) More and more Data-Flatrates are offered from Phone-Providers.
This is uses only for surfing the web, emailing and most of all:
instant messaging
(the Gsart T 600 has MSN buddylist)

Because users use then their mobile phones to keep in touch of their
fiends, which should be free communication as well, we need a
buddylist for openmoko.

Here an open standard yould be used, and I suggest to use the latest
one, without servers:


This buddylist is baed on a DHT, so the IP of the friend is found
again in any online session.
Furthermore it does not require any server. Third all communication is
maybe later on as well VOIP is possible over this security layer.

Fourth, the client application suppoerts as well an email client, so
all in one and I guess this is perfect for openmoko-users.

IF you want secure VOIP calles, then now the basis should be done with
the implementation of this buddylist.

Currently the gui is a QT gui. And a wxwidget gui si planned to
implement it into imule application from i2p.net. Dunno, which gui is
better for a openmoko application.

So I have the question, if openmoko applicartions should have better a
wxwidget gui or a QT gui?
Maybe a coder is interested to start with this messenger?

c) there is a new way out for phoning without any phohe provider: Mesh-Networks.

is offering a mesh network, which allows to hop from phone to phone
until there is an out-proxy to the internet or phone provider.
Therefor the openmoko needs Wlan.
So my question is, does Openmoko suppoert Wlan?

There is a new protokol out for that, OLSR and B.A.T.M.A.N. (Better
Approach to mobil adhoc Networks)

So my question is, would it be of interest, to cooperate with the
batman group to implement a hopping network into openmoko? and the
question, if there is a WLan Interface?

Maybe some of you can contact the three suggested sub-projects and
implement a startup of the existing code into openmoko?

Thanks and kind regards.

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