OpenMoko application as Final Year Project

Will Sheward will.sheward at
Fri Sep 28 15:33:01 CEST 2007

Sebastian wrote:
> Hi everybody!
> I'm a student from Germany doing my last year in England, 
> Staffordshire University. To finish my studies I have to do a project, 
> that has not done before, and of course I have to do it on my own. So 
> when I stumbled across OpenMoko I thought it would be a great idea to 
> write a application for it.
> It's a little bit different for me to work out an good idea so I'm 
> asking you if anyone has got an idea what kind of application would be 
> a must-have or a pretty nice one for a OpenMoko phone, but is not jet 
> implemented.
> thx and have a nice day,
> Sebastian

How about an email client that supports the IETF Lemonade extensions? 
We've been sitting here with Lemonade compatible servers for months 
waiting for someone to pull their fingers out and put together a decent 
client (we don't do clients, just servers) that implements all of the 

Anyone want to take up the challenge?



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