Liberty League International, Ten Tried And Tested Viral Marketing Campaigns

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Liberty League International, Ten Tried And Tested Viral Marketing Campaigns

Believe it or not, viral marketing did not originate from the web. Named
after microscopic organisms that reproduce at a very fast rate, viral
marketing traces its beginnings from offline marketing. More popularly
called as word-of-mouth advertising, this method has been one of the most
powerful yet cost-efficient ways of promoting a business.

Viral marketing involves the exponential spread of a business message. After
an initial distribution, the business message can potentially reach many
people in a short span of time.

As an example, if you deliver your business message to ten people and give
them enough incentive to pass it on to ten more people in their respective
network, you'll immediately have garnered the attention of a thousand
potential customers. But it doesn't stop there, because the new tiers could
spread the word to even more individuals, and this same cycle would go on
and on while you concentrate on other matters of your business.

Studies show on the average that a person has 12 people in his network. This
statistic can be deceiving. Ten persons can have 2 people in their
respective network, while one person can have 140 people in his. We would
then arrive at the same median.

Here are some of the things that Internet marketers use to encourage people
to distribute the business message. Bear in mind, please, that these are all
offered for free. Free is still the most powerful word in marketing, after

1. E-BOOKS. An e-book is the most popular method of delivering the business
message. An informative one would cater to the needs of many people, which
is already enough incentive for its self-propagation. You strategically
place links within the pages o the e-book to promote your business or your
affiliate products.

2. SPECIAL REPORTS. Special reports are just like e-books, only shorter.
Special reports have also taken an aura of reverence in recent years as they
are excellent vehicles for communicating a novel idea.

3. SOFTWARE. Perhaps you have a program or a script which you would want to
share. This software can be designed to provide for a link to your site
every time its features are used.

4. SERVICE. You could provide for a hosting service or an e-mail accounts to
entice visitors to spread your business message.

5. MEMBERSHIP. You could also establish a membership site and give away
access to the same. The membership site could contain a lot of free or
discounted goods to its members.

6. NEWSLETTER. A newsletter or an eZine is also a popular way to kick start
the exponential distribution of the business message. By constantly
providing your subscriber base with informative pieces on a variety of
topics, they would feel inclined to tell their friends about your business.

7. DISCOUNTS. Offer discounts to the products you're offering, and you would
encourage people to spread the word about the bargain you are providing.

8. TRIAL VERSION OF YOUR PRODUCTS. If you're trying to sell a software
program, you could also try offering such for a trial period, which is
usually 30 days. This would allow people to try your product before they
would decide to buy it. Even if they're too thrifty to spend on the full
version of your product, they would still inform others of your business at
some point.

9. ARTICLE MARKETING. Submit an informative article with a resource box
containing a link of your sales page to the many article directories on the
net. Encourage your readers to republish your article provided that they
keep the resource box.

10. OTHER PRODUCTS like screensavers, themes, fonts, images and the likes.

Now that you know what value propositions to offer, the remaining
consideration is how to distribute them.

E-mail is the primary mode of online transference. Mailing lists contain
loads of e-mail addresses of people with similar interests. If you could
broadcast your business message in this channel, the rewards would be
tremendous, as someone is bound to take notice. Additionally, you only have
to send it once, and you'll touch base with every single person in that

Discussion boards or online forums also host a gathering of people who share
the same passion. These online communities hold discussions on various
matters everyday, often, many times within 24 hours at that. There are
forums for the many niches out there. Target one that is related to your
market. But make it a point to first establish your presence as a worthy
part of the community. Remember, it is a community, and you have to win
their trust first before you could sway them to your side. Begin by
answering threads which post a question. Be helpful. In this way, you could
subtly manipulate them to check out your business message.

Online chat rooms can also be a fertile source of hosts that would
persistently distribute your marketing offers. Join a channel that pertains
to your business. Spend some time building up personal connections, and then
gradually introduce your business message. People have more confidence with
someone they have actually talked to, albeit, through online means.
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