Asterisk on Openmoko

jeff moe at
Mon Apr 2 19:40:53 CEST 2007

Kannaiyan Natesan wrote:
> Can anyone please confirm whether asterisk runs in the real openmoko
> phone and takes in the audio ? (asterisk has alsa channel interface).

I can't confirm/deny that it works on the Neo1973 as I don't have one, but I 
suspect it should run fine, depending upon what you are doing. I have run 
asterisk on a Linksys WRT45G with 200Mhz processor (or so) and 32 megs of RAM. 
That's in the same rough ballpark as the Neo, methinks. Also, asterisk can do 
OSS or ALSA, so you're fine there (and could use asterisk as a softphone).

I put an OpenWRT Linksys in a big old Cadillac. It was set to automatically 
connect to any network it could find and maintain connectivity until lost, then 
go find another network. Connected to the Linksys was a Sipura ATA and 
connected to that was a big old Western Electric telephone from the 1970s. The 
asterisk running on the linksys would convert from alaw to gsm codec and from 
SIP to IAX2. The former was done to use less bandwidth, the latter to get 
around NAT issues (and make incoming calls possible). The Sipura was always 
registered to the linksys/asterisk, and when a new network was found the 
linksys/asterisk would re-register to the upstream asterisk. The load on the 
linksys was close enough to zero.

Now why would anyone do anything so foolish? Well, why the hell not? :)  Fun.


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