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It is the later case.  I'll try your suggestion when I get to work tomorrow.



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On Wed, Apr 04, 2007 at 07:31:05AM -0700, Eric Heinemann wrote:
> Andrew,
> I followed the instructions on the wiki page and everything works perfectly except I cannot calibrate the touchscreen.  It shows the cross hairs but I cannot click them.  I am running a Ubuntu feisty.  I am trying this at work, so I am limited to using Ubuntu inside of a virtual machine, could this cause a problem with qemu?

Hmm. Does it only hide the mouse cursor or does it really not react to
clicking at all? In the latter case it may have something to do with
Ubuntu's SDL configuration, but I'm not sure. Is SDL using the X11
backend? (do 'export SDL_VIDEODRIVER=x11' before running qemu to make

I may need to try Ubuntu myself if nothing else works.

In any case thanks for the testing. 

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