Complete MokoMakefile rebuild required (Was: Freezing OpenMoko OE version)

Rod Whitby rod at
Sat Apr 7 00:04:18 CEST 2007

Rod Whitby wrote:
> Michael 'Mickey' Lauer wrote:
>> Rod Whitby wrote:
>>> i.e. *which* version is the *core* team using right now?
>> old_revision [e2dbb52fe39df7ef786b6068f6178f29508dfded]
> Mickey,
> Koen tells me that the only reliable way to go from an unfrozen OE head
> build to a historical frozen OE build, is to completely blow away
> everything and start again with a fresh checkout and a deleted build/tmp
> directory.
> Do we want to inflict that on all external developers?
> I'm happy to work out how to do that seamlessly, if you think it's the
> correct thing to do.  Please advise.

Mickey advised me on IRC that the OM core team does indeed want external
developers to use that frozen OE version.

I have updated MokoMakefile to use that frozen version.  It will also
detect if you have a different checkout (all existing users will be in
that situatin), and ask you to either clobber and rebuild, or to
unfreeze the OE version to continue with your current checkout.

Note that if you continue with your current unfrozen checkout, you will
not be building the same images as the OM core team is building.

So everyone is strongly encouraged to clobber and rebuild as directed by
the message that MokoMakefile will print out for you.

Go and enjoy Easter with your family as it rebuilds :-)

-- Rod

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