[i18n] some preliminary questions

Jean-Sébastien Bour openmoko at sufflope.net
Fri Apr 20 16:59:42 CEST 2007

Hello all,

I'm looking for some hints on i18n good manners.
I post on this list since it is adviced to do so on the Translation
Howto wiki page. If it's not the right place, please excuse me :)

I am specifically willing to do/help the French translation.
I've seen some apps with old (some were last edited one year ago, some
even more) fr.po files that could be updated/corrected, and many apps
that have no po/ directory :(

So here are my questions :

* is there another way to track translatable apps (with po/ directory
and .po(t) files) than find/locate shell commands or randomly browsing
through the sources ? If there is no other option than looking in po/
directories, where should they be ? (there are soooo much src/, svn/ and
* what is the best way to submit my changed .po files ? A mail on this
(or another) list with for example "[i18n] french translation for
app-name" as subject, and the file (or a link to download it) attached ?

Thank you in advance for your precious pieces of advice on i18n :)

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