[i18n] some preliminary questions

Jean-Sébastien Bour openmoko at sufflope.net
Sun Apr 22 02:00:11 CEST 2007

Rodolphe Ortalo a écrit :
> Well, the content of the po directory is a good source of information. I
> guess: "find /path/to/source -type d -name po" is your friend.

This is almost user friendly, and should do the trick, thank you :)
But this showed me that really few apps have po/ dirs, and almost all of
them are empty (not really, but no .po(t) files) :(
How do you want me to help OpenMoko then ? :)

I basically found .po files in two main subdirs :

Do both (and maybe other dirs later) need to be considered, or only
OM-2007 ?

I'll start contacting current translators (do I really need to do so,
and wait for answers maybe for long, about .po files last updated
several months ago ? :D) and updating the few .po files available...

Hoping to see soon new translation work :)

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