Cacao jvm on openmoko

Jim Huang at
Tue Apr 24 10:42:30 CEST 2007

Hello list,

I am glad to share my progress about porting CACAO[1] to openmoko
GTA01 target.  CACAO is a free JVM implementation which uses
Just-In-Time (JIT) compilation to execute Java methods natively, and
it gets ARM support recently.  The porting on openmoko is working, and
please take a look over my blog post (aggregated in Planet
Classpath[2]) for details.

At least, "Hello World" level Java applications[3] are executed by
CACAO arm jit engine, and I manage to let gtk-peer (GNU Classpath's
Gtk+-2.x based AWT and Swing implementation) work on openmoko, which
implies that free Java SE is possible for openmoko.

There are some necessary modifications against CACAO.  I am about to
throw patches to CACAO and here later.

Best Regards,
Jim Huang aka. "jserv"

[3] The testing materials could be obtained via

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