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Wed Apr 25 08:34:02 CEST 2007

Dnia wtorek, 24 kwietnia 2007, Christopher Heiny napisał:
> I think I've done something awful to my Neo.  After running the battery
> flat last Wednesday, 

> I plugged it into the USB wall charger and left on a long weekend.

If this was wall charger included with Neo then you can drop it (charger) 
to trash - it is useless as Neo cannot get more then 100mA from it which 
is not enough for charging.

> We've switched batteries, and changed from the wall charger to a USB
> port, but the problem remains.

> I'm not much of hardware guy, so I'm not sure where to go next.  Any
> suggestions?  Or have I very stupidly fried it?

Get Nokia BL-5C battery from Nokia 1600/2100/3200 and power Neo with it. 
Then flash newest u-boot, insert Neo battery and connect to USB port in 
desktop or powered hub.

You can also use 3rdparty charger for Nokia BL-5C batteries to charge Neo 
battery. It has to be 3rdparty dumb-as-possible because it is not 
compatible with Nokia ones so each Nokia will refuse to charge it. contain 
some more info.

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