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Wed Apr 25 10:49:45 CEST 2007

Marcin Juszkiewicz wrote:
> If this was wall charger included with Neo then you can drop it (charger) 
> to trash - it is useless as Neo cannot get more then 100mA from it which 
> is not enough for charging.

Well, it does charge, it's just very slow :-) If you can get into
u-boot, you could also manually increase the charge current
(neo1973 charger auto).

But, unfortunately, none of this will help you if the phone is busy
emptying its battery, due to that bug in old u-boot :-(

> Get Nokia BL-5C battery from Nokia 1600/2100/3200 and power Neo with it. 

By the way, if trying any other battery, please make sure the
polarity is correct. I found a nice Motorola battery that almost
fits into the Neo, but that has + and - reversed.

> contain 
> some more info.

Nice !

- Werner

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